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No experience necessary.  All fitness levels encouraged.



This hands-on class is designed to introduce participants to the personal defense opportunities of comprehensive martial science training, which both compliments the armed citizen and moves beyond the gun.  The four and a half hour curriculum is focused on providing an overview of Black Mountain’s multi-disciplinary approach to building functional, adaptive, and improvisational combative skill sets and defense intelligence.  Students will gain an understanding of the core concepts that seamlessly integrate the principles of awareness and prevention, threat assessment, and effective application of scaling force.  The primary emphasis of this customized trifecta course will be centered on the following:


Empty hand defense (Hand-to-hand combat

Level I weapons (Bladed combat and improvised weaponry)

Sidearm strategies (Fighting to your weapon, gun retention, and weapons disarms) 


Additionally, as a prelude to our detail-inclusive Level I H2H training, this class will touch on the topics of:


Developing and training with "The Warrior Mindset"

Psychology of Violence

Intelligent Use of Force and the Law

Cognitive Awareness and Prevention

Combat Stress Reaction (CSR) - Performance Perception vs Reality

Fear Inoculation


And More


At the end of the day, participants will have begun to understand the need to efficiently and effectively move through the threat paradigm by meshing together the concepts of:  Preemptive situational awareness -> Rapid threat analysis and corresponding force reaction -> Empty handed defense strategies -> Level I weapon opportunities -> Accessing and protecting personal carry weapon.


Individuals who complete this training will have acquired an immediately applicable base platform on which to start building their 360° Skill Set in the Black Mountain Defense System.